ItSupervisor Eric Johnson is my honor and privilege to welcome you to DeKalb Township’s website. For over 160 years, Township has been a leader in providing a high quality of public service to the residents we serve. From the rural duties of providing transportation routes for our farmers, bringing their food to market; to providing professional and efficient human services to over 46,000 residents; DeKalb Township has been a constant, and integral part of our community.

The rural government was concerned with collecting the tax, stray animals, control of weeds, and maintenance of roads. After spring and fall rains, roads were apt to become long black ditches of mud, so this was quite a chore. The Clerk organized the machinery for elections. Another function, “poor relief” was minimal.

While the rural only days in DeKalb Township ended with the westward spread of the Chicago metropolitan area and the growth of Northern Illinois University. It was the rich land that beckoned farmers to this vicinity. Much of that land has now been taken over by subdivisions, shopping centers, and industrial developments. But township government lives on, adapting to the changing time, still meeting the needs of the residents. Those needs, of course, have changed dramatically. Today, DeKalb Township provides essential services to township residents. From providing a general assistance to help low income resident, assessing over 12,000 parcels of real property within our border, and mainlining nearly 30 miles of township road; DeKalb Township is a place where great service happens.

Please take this opportunity to explore the resources of this website, and continue to check back often, as we are constantly changing and adding content to meet the needs of our residents. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Eric Johnson

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