Statement for 9-11

Ten years ago, the forces of evil committed an unspeakable crime against America and its people. They believed that by destroying our buildings and murdering our innocent citizens they could defeat all that our nation represents.

But even as the attacks continued, they brought out the best in all of us. Ordinary Americans became heroes helping the injured, comforting the dying, and assisting with rescue efforts. First responders selflessly hurled themselves into burning buildings and remained there even knowing that they might never leave. And then there were those aboard United Flight 93 who refused to stand by while more damage was done. Instead, unarmed, they heroically fought back and spared our nation greater injury.

In the days, weeks, and months that followed, we came together as a people to grieve, to care for the survivors and to rebuild. We showed that the spirit of the American people cannot be broken. We showed that we are a people who are indeed, as the Pledge of Allegiance says “under God, indivisible” and who strive for “liberty and justice for all.”

The horror we all felt that clear Tuesday morning will forever be the first emotion we experience when we recall the events of 9/11. Let’s make sure that we never forget how much that tragedy revealed about the strength of the American spirit.

Eric J. Johnson
DeKalb Township