Grant Application FAQ

  1.  Can two people or organizations apply separately for the same project?Yes, partnering groups or organizations can both apply for a project that is a joint venture.
  2. What follow-up activities do I need to complete after the grant period is over?You may be asked to provide follow up information about the project for which funds were awarded.
  3. How often can I apply?
    An applicant may apply for a project monthly until awarded a grant. You may also apply for different projects. Applications received by the third Friday of the month will be up for a vote at that month’s meeting on the fourth Thursday. Applications after that deadline will be heard the following month.
  4. What are DeKalb Township boundaries?A map can be found HERE.
  5. What if the site of my project is outside DeKalb Township boundaries?If the project is to take place outside of the Township boundaries, grants may still be awarded only if the money from the grant will be used for those participants or beneficiaries residing inside of the Township boundaries.
  6. What does it mean if my grant application is denied?Don’t worry. Many of the proposals received will be denied initially and approved upon re-submission. In the event that your proposal is denied, specific information on the basis of denial will be provided to the applicant and the applicant is encouraged to re-apply after changes to the proposal have been made.
  7. What are common reasons that grant applications are denied?The most common reason applications are denied is not showing enough evidence that the grant will directly impact juvenile delinquency in DeKalb Township. Other reasons for denial include funding allocation issues included in the application, failure to include a specific number of projected beneficiaries, requests for funding operational costs, and failure to complete exit survey (project evaluation) documentation.
  8. What does the committee look for in the approval process?The committee looks for applications that are complete, specifically benefit youth in DeKalb Township, address juvenile delinquency, and have funding allocation specifically outlined.

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