Agency Head: Susan Petersen, Executive Director
Address: 155 North Third Street, Suite 300 DeKalb, Illinois 60115
Phone: 815-758-8149
Fax: 815-758-5652

Website: www.four-c.org

Agency Description
4-C: Community Coordinated Child Care is a multi-dimensional non-profit agency serving the DeKalb community.  For over 42 years, our services have helped children, families, parents, child care providers and employers.  The services provided are:

Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R):  Families who are looking for child care call 4-C.  We have over 850 centers & family child care home providers included in a data base which also includes specific information about each program.  A packet of information is also sent to the parent to assist them in their search.

The CCR&R Program also oversees the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS).  This is a voluntary program for child care programs that serve state-funded children that assesses, improves and communicates levels of quality in child care programs.  Once the program has met the required criteria, they are awarded 1 – 5 stars. Each star increases the state reimbursement rate by 5%.  Last year this program brought in over $200,000 to programs in DeKalb Township.

Child Care Assistance Program:  This program is for low-income families working toward becoming self-sufficient and trying to stay off welfare.  If found eligible the cost of their child care is determined by their family’s gross income.  As income increases, the family’s co-payment also increases.

Parenting Education:  We offer classes, home visits and workshops.  Our philosophy is that parents are the most important teachers of their children.  Our goal is to build on the strength of the families by providing parents with information, education and support.  We also have a specialized curriculum for teen parents and meet with them at DeKalb high school.

Child Care Food Program: The primary goal is to ensure that nutritious meals are served to children in child care.  Secondary goals are the establishment of healthy eating habits at an early age and training for child care providers.

Consultants: We employ several consultants/specialists who are available to the child care programs.  Included are a social worker, nurse, mental health specialist, curriculum specialist, and quality assurance specialists.  They visit programs to provide assistance for providers, children and parents.  They also offer guidance in best practice.

Advocacy: We strive to provide a strong and effective voice for children’s issues.  We inform policymakers about key issues pending regarding children and monitor the implementation of laws pertaining to children.  We are actively involved in the development of public policy development as 4-C staff serves on several state advisory committees including the Illinois Department of Human Services Child Care Advisory Council, Department of Children & Family Services Statewide Advisory Council, and a subcommittee of the Governor’s Early Learning Council

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