DeKalb Co. Hospice

Agency Contacy Information

Agency Head: Karen Hagen, RN, MS, Executive Director
Address: 2727 Sycamore Rd, DeKalb, IL 60115
Phone: 815-756-3000
Fax: 815-758-0962

Agency Description
Hospice is a special way of caring for individuals who are terminally ill. A team of professional staff and trained volunteers provide services that focus on the physical, emotional and spiritual comfort of the patient as well as their family and caregivers. Hospice is not an end to treatment but rather a shift to care that focuses on helping the person to live his or her life to the fullest with effective pain and symptom management.

Our Music Therapy/Music Enhancement program has enabled us to provide a unique, non-invasive and holistic service to our hospice patients and families and to the community as well.

Bereavement care is integral to a hospice program.  Hospice bereavement care can provide support for normal grief resolution and identification of problems that would complicate the grieving process. Bereavement follow-up provides the opportunity for family to gradually evolve from crisis care to social reinvestment.

The following is a list of services provided this past year:

  1. Initial and ongoing assessment and treatment of physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of 262 new patients and their family by Hospice staff available 24/7.(Actual from 2013).
  2. Held two Direct Care Volunteer Orientation classes (nine sessions, three hours each) graduating 13 new volunteers to provide support to families.
  3. Presented approximately ten (10) community education programs on Hospice care and bereavement care needs. The programs were also presented to nursing students at KishwuakeeCollege and NIU as well as middle school students in Sycamore and high school students in DeKalb.
  4. BUNS (Baking Up Nice Surprises) Volunteers baked and delivered over 140 bags of treats to hospice patients and newly bereaved families each spring, summer and Christmas holiday time to active and bereaved families.
  5. Facilitated two Taking Care of You: Powerful Tools For Caregivers classes to give caregivers guidance in caring for themselves so they can continue in their role of caregiver. These classes meet 2 hours once a week for 6 weeks and are facilitated by the DCH Volunteer Program Coordinator and DCH LCSW.
  6. New Therapeutic Drumming class, Healing Beats, initiated by Music Therapist for caregivers. Grant written to buy drums for ongoing classes.
  7. MT visited approximately 420 DCH patients residing in their own home or in a nursing home. She assisted several of these patients to put thoughts to music to be left as a gift for family.
  8. MT arranged for skilled musicians from Kishwaukee Symphony and NIU School of Music to play for patients weekly at the Cancer  CareCenter.
  9. Held two Memorial Teddy Bear workshops with a total of 44 bears made by family members from the clothing of      deceased loved ones.


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