COVID-19 Hardship Relief

At DeKalb Township we are well-versed in assisting people through their hardest times. We’ve seen people through financial devastation due to just about every circumstance you can imagine: loss of job, divorce, illness, death of a loved one, natural disaster, and more.

We admit that financial hardship due to global pandemic is a new one for us. Our General Assistance program isn’t designed to accommodate such widespread need, so we went to work creating a new program to help individuals and families in need, even if they don’t meet the requirements of GA.

The COVID-19 Hardship program is designed to help take some financial burden off of our residents by ensuring that they have food in their homes.

How It Works

Get Form
Fill out the form explaining a) the hardship you’re experiencing and b) how that hardship is directly related to the COVID-19 crisis.
Mail, email, or fax in your form.
Talk with a Township staff member so that we can confirm your information and provide additional information for services that may be available to you.
Receive your grocery card to Aldi or Schnucks.

Relief is based on...

  1. Available funding
  2. Number of Individuals in the home (up to $100/adult, $50/child, household max of $500)
  3. Assessed need determined by the application/interview by Township staff


  1. Household may only receive funding ONE TIME per 30-day period.
  2. Grocery cards will not allow for the purchase of alcohol or tobacco.
  3. Aldi or Schnucks cards will be given as they are available.
Please call with any questions! The Township staff is happy to help.