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Assistance Information

Assistance Programs provided by Supervisor Johnson’s Office

DeKalb Township offers financial assistance to families and individuals in need. The following are brief descriptions of the various types of assistance. For further information please contact DeKalb Township at (815) 758-8282

General Assistance

General Assistance is administered to individuals or families in need who meet the financial and non-financial requirements. A component of general assistance is workfare. Those determined eligible for general assistance are assigned to work at a non-profit organization, if positions are available, in return for their assistance and must be currently seeking full time employment or be pending disability. Applications are taken at the DeKalb Township Office by appointment.

Eligibility for assistance is determined by income, assets, and cooperation with the program. If you are currently receiving General Assistance from another township or Categorical Assistance, such as TANF, SSI, Refugee and Repatriation Assistance, you may not receive General Assistance.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance is administered to persons once in a twelve month period with a lifetime maximum of 5 times. Applicant must be a Township resident who has received a utilities disconnection notice (not for non-payment of deposit), and/or a five day notice on rent or behind on mortgage payments. Applications are taken at the Township Office by appointment.

You may not receive general assistance and emergency assistance at the same time. You must be ineligible for general assistance in order to be potentially eligible for emergency assistance. Income, assets, and cooperation with the program will determine eligibility. This is an optional program and not all townships administer this program. Emergency Assistance is paid directly to a vendor such as a landlord or utility company.

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance only pays for necessary and essential medical services. It is only available if the applicant qualifies for General Assistance and has no other source of medical coverage. Preventive care is not considered essential. Prior approval is required on all medical and dental care unless an emergency exists. If an individual has filed for medical assistance based on a disability with the Illinois Department of Human Services and has been denied medical assistance, they should appeal the decision.

Other DeKalb County Townships

Because DeKalb Township has full time, professionally trained, general assistance staff the following townships have contracted with DeKalb Township to process their general assistance applications and cases: Afton Township, Clinton Township, Cortland Township, Franklin Township, Genoa Township, Kingston Township*, Malta Township, Mayfield Township, Pierce Township, Sandwich Township, Shabbona Township, Somonauk Township, South Grove Township*, Squaw Grove Township, Sycamore Township*.

Townships that have DeKalb Township process their Assistance Programs reimburse the township for direct expenses associated with the applications and pay a processing fee for each case.

* Township that does not offer Emergency Assistance

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