Within or before the end of the first fiscal quarter of the fiscal year (April 1- June 30), the Township Board shall adopt an annual budget and appropriation ordinance. The Town Budget contains the budgets for General Assistance, Cemeteries, Assessor’s Office, and the general Town budget. The Road Budget is for the following funds: Road and Bridge, Permanent Road, Building and Equipment, and Special Bridge.

All budgets run from April 1 – March 31.  The township Board my make changes to the Town Budget but not the Road Budget. The Road budget is prepared and presented by the Highway Commissioner. The Assessor prepares his budget for the Supervisor who then combines it with the other funds for approval by the Board. All elected officials are paid from the town fund while their staffs are paid from the appropriate fund.

Fiscal Year Starting
2017 Town Budget
2017 Road Budget
2016 Town Budget
2016 Road Budget
2015 Town Budget
2015 Road Budget
2014 Town Budget
2014 Road Budget
2013 Town Budget
2013 Road Budget
2012 Town Budget
2012 Road Budget
2011 Town Budget
2011 Road Budget
2010 Town Budget
2010 Road Budget
2009 Town Budget
2009 Road Budget

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